Do to the concerns of the Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association’s concern for the health and welfare of our neighbors and unwillingness of our city government to move forward with this problem, this issue was reported to the National EPA a couple of months ago.

The south parcel property that is marked for sale and has a boarded building next to the park has been monitored for arsenic and up to 20 times the limit to be safe is showing up within feet of the park property.

Exposure to arsenic accumulates in the body until it creates illness up to and including death. The human body cannot rid itself of this poison.

Click on the links below – Letter from Lee Feldman to the City Commission and the notification and report the EPA sent to Lee Feldman for up to date information.

Lee Feldman Commission Memo 14-142 Middle River Terrace Park

Lee Feldman EPA letter Commission Memo 14-142 Attachment