Laura Croscenco, working with the American Lung Association has worked with the City Commission who have adopted a resolution encouraging neighbors and visitors not to smoke in certain parks by participating in a voluntary pilot program with the American Lung Association (ALA) and authorize acceptance of $1,000 from the ALA for the purchase of signs which will be designed by the City, to be displayed encouraging neighbors and visitors not to smoke. Four civic associations have passed resolutions requesting to participate:  Imperial Point – Dottie Mancini Park; Tarpon River – Hardy Park; Victoria Park – Holiday Park; and Middle River Terrace – Middle River Terrace Park.  City parks attract individuals and families who enjoy and engage in healthy recreational programs and activities. In addition, there are strong environmental reasons to encourage patrons not to smoke. The trash that is created by cigarette butts tossed on the ground is a significant environmental issue. The ultimate goal is to have signs placed on our beaches to discourage smoking.