Reminder for the upcoming summer months:
NO FERTILIZERS June thru September!

If you want to help with Green Your Routine (GYR) volunteering we need helpers from time to time! Most events are easy, fun, and you’ll hang with people for a couple hours that are truly trying to give back. Projects vary from trash/recycling pick up at major city events (it’s all coming back, fingers crossed!). Tree giveaways, weeding butterfly gardens/food forests etc.
We are very, very fortunate to live in MRT, an older, first ring neighborhood of small scale homes, walkable to many great restaurants etc…mature canopies and our valuable, large lawns…see a piece of litter? Pick it up!

Chris Dillon, your MRTNA GYR rep

Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association, profile pictureMay be an image of text that says 'Did you know the City of Fort Lauderdale prohibits fertilizing in the summer? No one shall apply fertilizers containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus to turf and/or landscape plants during the prohibited application period (June 1st- September 30th) CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE'