Each year, the City of Fort Lauderdale awards Middle River Terrace cash for the services of the Green Your Routine MRTNA volunteers. Of that money, 20% must be spent on sustainability projects. This year, MRTNA has given Fort Lauderdale High School $200 to plant and maintain bougainvillea along the fence line on the east side of the school. The bougainvillea will make that area more beautiful and it will also serve as a crime deterrent. Young people, who have been burglarizing the neighborhood, jump over that fence to get away. They will not be happy jumping there after the bougainvillea is planted. Bougainvillea has thorns.

A gardener described it this way: Bougainvillea is a perfect plant but you should be aware that it has sharp spines, and should be planted away from traffic, unless a burglar bush is desired.

We in Middle River Terrace will benefit twofold from this planting.