Happy Super Bowl Monday! What a game! It just so happens we have Jason Jenkins, a senior leader from the Miami Dolphins organization joining us for the amazing Black History Month event this coming Saturday. The day will include a meet and greet with several wonderful black leaders from our community including Jason. Please join us. Registration is required. https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=88196338623 Free food and drink courtesy of Coke Florida Jet's Pizza and The Central City Alliance Prizes (swag and gift cards) for high school students completing the FAFSA, Common Black App or Naviance tutorial sessions. Brace Cadets Fund.Your.Future Carol Michy Lopez Shedly Lace Parnther David Watkins DrGregory A. Salters Stichiz Cyntheoria Renee' Wilborn Natacha Abreu Kirk Brown Antonio Burgess MEd Abby Uhlan Laughlin