Historic Annie Beck House
During the last several years, there have been some safety and security issues in Middle River Terrace Park. I have been working with the surrounding neighborhoods of Middle River Terrace and South Middle River as well as the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation in order to find a win-win. Very happy to report that at the July 9 Commission meeting, we passed a budget amendment to allocate approximately $150,000 in order to renovate the house and accommodate a police officer living there.The scope for the rehab will include:

Roof replacement
Bathroom remodel (replace toilet and sink, add shower)
Flooring (entire flooring in kitchen needs to be replaced)
Interior painting
Termite fumigation
Front stairs, ramp and porch repairs
Exterior painting
Privacy Fence
Driveway Apron
Doors/Windows Repair

The project will need a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Board as a “minor alteration” probably at its September meeting. Minor work can commence prior to that. Thank you to everyone for your patience and input on this project. Looking forward to the end result!