For those interested: Notice of Public Participation Meeting – Sherwin Williams on NE 4th Ave
(Case No. ZR19003)

Pursuant to ULDR, Sec.47-27.4, Applicant is required to hold a Public Participation Meeting
with official city-recognized civic organizations(s) within three hundred (300) feet of the proposed
project a minimum of 30 days prior to a Planning and Zoning Board hearing. Please accept this letter
as an official notice of a Public Participation Meeting for the Site Plan and Rezoning with Commercial
Flex Allocation request which is anticipated to be scheduled for an upcoming Planning and Zoning
Board date to be confirmed. The date, time, and location of the Public Participation Meeting are listed

Date: November 18, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: Kathleen C. Wright Social Center at the Joseph C. Carter Park
1450 W Sunrise Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like more information, please contact Stephanie Toothaker via
email or phone at stephanie@toothaker.org or (954) 648-9376.