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It’s the time of year when we ask for your support by joining or renewing your Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association Membership View more which helps to promote improvements within our community. We are designated a Neighborhood Association, which encourages everyone to be involved and to help make Middle River Terrace a better place to live. When you become a member, you will be a partner in the community, you can also visit our webpage for important time sensitive information. Meet your neighbors, provide input, and vote on important issues.
A full year’s membership is just $25 which includes (2) members per household
Please visit our web site at

Benefits of membership include:
*Be aware and vote on important issues facing the neighborhood
*Have input on neighborhood improvements
*Voice your concerns * Get to know your neighbors
*Become a member of the Board
*Let the residents know that your business supports our neighborhood!
*Make a Difference!

Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association is a non-profit organization. No board or elected official receives any financial remuneration. All board and elected officials are volunteers working for the improvement of our neighborhood.