Please remember that ALL eligible candidates must come forward by June 2016 MRTNA General Meeting at 6:00 pm MRT Park Pavilion.

The election of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and general board members shall be conducted as follows:

A. All nominations for the election must be presented at the general membership meeting in the month of June, immediately preceding the general election.

B. The election shall be conducted at the next general membership meeting in July.

C. Each member of the association shall have only one vote.

D. The President shall oversee the election process which shall be conducted by secret paper ballot. Each eligible voter will be required to sign a ledger prior to receiving a ballot. Voters should be prepared to present verification of membership upon request.

E. Absentee ballots received and deemed valid per Article II, Section 5 shall be submitted by the Secretary to be included in the tabulation.

F. Counting of the ballots shall be performed by a minimum of three members of which at least one shall be an executive board member. The final count shall be verified by any one general member of the association present. Candidates appearing on the ballot shall not be allowed to conduct the counting of the ballots or the verification of the results.

G. Should the election for any office result in a tie vote and neither candidate wishes to withdraw, the members of the board of directors present shall be polled by the President with the winner being determined by a majority vote. Should the vote of the board members present result in a tie, the President shall then cast the deciding vote.

H. In the event that a slate of candidates is presented and is uncontested, the President may suspend the normal ballot voting procedures and call for an affirmative vote of acceptance of the uncontested slate.

I. No person may be nominated, nor shall they be elected to serve who has not been an active participating member of the MRTNA. Active participants shall be defined as those having previously attended a minimum of 3 meetings within the previous calendar year to include either board of directors or general membership meetings and being current on their dues as defined in Article II Section 4.

J. The term of office for all elected members of the board of directors shall begin on August 1st following the election and shall end on July 31st of the following year.