Donna Fiori

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we say goodbye to a wonderful lady. Donna Fiori, the sitting Treasurer of the MRTNA, passed away on the afternoon of Thursday April 16th.

Donna will be dearly missed by our board members, members of MRTNA and the residents of Middle River Terrace.

Our love, thoughts and prayers are with her son TJ who also holds a seat on the board as Vice President and with the rest of his family.

Donna is survived by her sons Tony Fiori and Bob Fiori and 3 grandchildren, Alyse Fiori-Stack, John Fiori and Grace Fiori. She has been pet sitting for 20 years. She moved to MRT in 2010 to spend the rest of her life here. She dedicated most of her life to the care of animals, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc. All of her charities were about animals of any type: Whales, Manatees, Lions, Elephants – you name it and her check book was open and her donations were large. She truly loved being on the board of directors and making a difference in our community. She was born in Wisconsin and lived in Philadelphia, PA the majority of her life.

Rest in Peace Donna, you will be missed.