Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) encourages you to apply for its various 2016 Awards Competitions, which honor neighborhood efforts and initiatives with four awards:

• The Neighborhood of the Year Award
• The Best Neighborhood Program Award
• Neighborhood Newsletter Competition
• Who’s Who in America’s Neighborhoods

There are 3 projects that are already funded and scheduled to be completed that involve a $5 million dollar investment/improvement to our neighborhood that that outshines what was done 21 years ago.

The Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association’s hard work to get around $4 million dollars for the Dixie Highway project, championing the train horn quiet zone even before All Aboard Florida was created, initiating protection for our neighborhood against crime and began the distribution of Smart Water for the neighborhood along with many meetings with the Police Chief and Staff, City Mayor and Commissioners, County Mayor and Commissioners, Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization, being active with the Council Fort Lauderdale Civic Assoc., Broward County School Board, etc.

The 13th Street Alliance (now the Central City Alliance) that represents businesses and the neighborhoods of South Middle River and Poinsettia Heights, has championed the 13th Street Complete Streets project and earmarked $5,000 of their funds towards the project.

The above projects in the works will, increase property values, improve walking/biking in the neighborhood, spark residents to initiate home improvements, draw new residents to move in, renovate and replace old structures and build on existing vacant lots. (There are 3 building construction projects currently in plans or working: (17th Court and Dixie, the empty north parcel of the MRT Park and the demolition of the home near 18th Ct. and Dixie.)

MRTNA intends to file for an award for the above work that is already working and other new projects that are in the planning stages.