¬†Grace Community Development just received CDBG funds to rehabilitate a building located at 1646 NE 12 Terrace for the purpose of opening an additional social service in our residential neighborhood.¬† This forum is not intended to slander, intimidate or condemn the above Corporation but to have an open discussion and express opinions on the issue: “Social Services in Middle River Terrace, when enough is enough “.
We should encourage projects businesses/residential that will uplift our community and not be inundated by social services only.
It is my personal opinion, and those of many others, that our community is saturated by them and we should stop our city commission to be treated as dumping ground of multiple social services. We are preparing a map locating all existing social services in Middle River Terrace so if you know any please send me the address.
Again, this discussion is not intended to address the importance of this social service in our world and how wonderful it is.
This is to discuss the issue that we have enough and why the city commission never consulted or notified our neighborhood.
Thank you