Dear Middle River Terrace Members,

I hope all is well with you and your families. I wanted to personally thank all of you for your participation and support of our community during my tenure as president of the association. Thanks to your efforts, we have many wonderful accomplishments to celebrate.

Foremost, our Dixie Highway Improvement Project.
Years of collective effort to secure the City’s support and $4 million in funding will culminate with a groundbreaking ceremony on December 3rd. The roadway, landscaping, lighting, and pedestrian/bicyclist improvements included in this project will vastly improve both the safety and appearance of this important commuter corridor. I am grateful we will all benefit and it is a tremendous step forward for our community. Stay tuned for more details!

Here is a sampling of the many other events and initiatives that have helped make a difference in Middle River Terrace over the last year:

Crime and Safety: Our crime rates are half of what they were a year ago thanks to the efforts of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and driven by our epresentative Detectives: Officer Roy Goderstad and Officer Zach Baro. MRTNA members and residents signed letters requesting more support for FLPD.

Code Compliance Ride Along: MRTNA partnered with the Fort Lauderdale Code Compliance Department for a Ride Along in our neighborhood. Code Compliance Division Manager Sharon Ragoonan and Supervisor Dick Eaton were delighted to help us enhance the beauty and safety of Middle River Terrace. Together we identified several issues along Dixie Hwy that will be addressed in conjunction with the Dixie Highway improvement project. We are extremely happy to continue to work with Mr. Eaton, Mrs. Ragoonan and their amazing staff in our efforts to preserve the quality of life of our Neighborhood.

Green Your Routine: We have an active and engaged GYR leader in Joann Block who drives forward initiatives across the environmental spectrum – from wildlife habitat certification to the planting of Cocoplum hedges at the Fort Lauderdale High School eastern perimeter fence. GYR initiatives also generate “points” with the City which translate into real dollars of support for our neighborhood.

Little Free Library at MRT Park: Our residents donate books that are diligently processed and made available to all for free at that location. Just stop there pick a book, take it home and simply bring it back or add any other you wish to donate.

NEW Sign at the dock: the old sign was vandalized and then stolen. The City of Fort Lauderdale graciously donated a new larger one. It’s now installed vandal-proof.

Hurricane Ready Day: we distributed Hurricane readiness kits to residents that included a large flashlight with battery, first aid emergency kit, gloves, small bottle of antiseptic, emergency preparedness quick tips guides magazines and flyers from the city of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and The Red Cross.

“Thank you for not-smoking” sign at MRT Park: this sign was installed at our park to remind teens and adults that young lungs are at play. This will help to enhance the air quality in MRT Park.

There were many other gains made in our neighborhood this year:

The repaired pothole located at the curve of NE 12 Terrace and NE 16 Street
The removal of hanging wires and the broken fence on NE 13th Street used by children as a route to school
The ‘Adopt a Street’ clean-up at the corner of NE 8th Avenue and NE 18th Street
The pruning and clean-up at two MRT entrances: at NE 16th Street and NE 4th Avenue and at the corner of Dixie Highway and 13th Street.

Please know we work tirelessly with city, county and state agencies to effect changes for our neighborhood. 
There is enormous potential ahead; we have amazing upcoming initiatives that we look forward to sharing with you and for which we welcome your participation.

As outgoing president I am excited to introduce your new board of directors. I know they are committed to continuing to move MRT forward. The new BOD will take office from August 1, 2016, and they are: 
Colleen Lockwood – President 
Jonathon May – Vice President 
Jan Palmer – Secretary 
Tony Fiori – Treasurer 
I will continue to serve as Immediate Past President.

At our July meeting a motion was made to change our monthly General Meetings to quarterly and starting at 5:30 pm rather than 6pm.

This will serve as public notice of this proposed change; it will be up for final vote by our General Members at the September General Meeting.

August is the Association’s recess month. 
Next MRTNA General Meeting: September 15, 2016 – at 6:00 pm

Due to the high heat and mosquito warnings the next General Meeting will be held at the Iron Workers Union Building located at 1201 NE 7th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. Please join us!

MRTNA will continue to work closely and support the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the City of Fort Lauderdale, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Broward County Commission, Fort Lauderdale High School, Florida’s Department of Transportation, and Broward County Public School Board.

Thank you to all our residents, welcome to our newcomers, and I look forward to work with you in the coming year!

Thank you!


Laura Croscenco 
MRTNA President